Welcome Page


          This tutorial is designed to teach you the basic functions of the Dyer County Schools Helpdesk.  We use the helpdesk so the technology department can see what needs to be done in all our schools.  The helpdesk also provides a way for us to track needs and problems with specific equipment and/or classrooms.  It also provides us a way to see all communications about each ticket.  That way no matter which technology person is at your school, we will know what is going on and hopefully be able to help more efficiently.   


          There have been many changes to the helpdesk since we started using it in 2005.  Most of these changes were behind the scenes and have helped the technology department in some way.  Mostly reporting and maintenance features.  The most Notable change that you will see in the helpdesk is a new Welcome Screen filled with some interesting information about the tickets you have submitted.  Also, there is a new Inventory option in your menu.  This system was built into the helpdesk for the technology department to more easily keep up with the computer inventory in your room. 

How To:

          To use this tutorial, you can click any section on the left hand side to go straight to that tutorial or you can click the Next or Back buttons to cycle through the tutorials in order.  If you have never been through this tutorial, I suggest you go through each step so that you can see the benefits of using the helpdesk.


The Login Screen >>>