Updating Tickets

          This section of the helpdesk is crucial.  This area is where you and the technology staff will communicate any questions or comments.  Once you have submitted a ticket, you may be asked for more information about your problem or request by one of the technology staff.  You will get an e-mail for each update made to your ticket.  Each update will also have an action.  Some actions may tell you that a response is required, others may not.  If a response is required, you will need to login to the helpdesk and update your ticket.  Any ticket that isn't responded to within 5 days, will be closed.

          To update your ticket, click the open tickets section in the helpdesk and click on the ticket that needs to be updated.  Once you are at the ticket details screen, you will see an update section near the bottom of this screen.   Just type in your response in the textbox and click update.

Screen Shot:  Click the Image to Zoom In

Ticket Details Thumb


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