The Login Screen

          First, lets learn how to get to the helpdesk.  There are a few easy ways to get there.  Probably the easiest way is login to your teacher computer and double click the Dyer County Helpdesk icon in the Netware Application Launcher window that comes up after you login.  You could also open Internet Explorer and type in the address bar and click Enter.  There is a link to the helpdesk on the Dyer County Web Site under the Technology section.  Its probably easiest right now to just click here to open the helpdesk.

          Once you have the helpdesk open, you will be at the log in screen.  Your Webmail and Helpdesk usernames and passwords are exactly the same.  As a matter of fact they are one in the same.  They are pulled from the same database.  If your change your helpdesk password, it changes your WebMail password, etc.  To login to the helpdesk, put the username part of your e-mail address in the Username Textbox and your password in the Password Textbox.  The username of your email address is the first part of the address.  Example:  The username in is kmilan.  Once you have your username and password in, click Submit to continue into the helpdesk.

          If you have problems logging in or forgot your password, please contact the technology department by phone.  One other thing, if you receive any error messages while using the helpdesk, please e-mail the exact error to

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The Login Screen Thumb


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