New Tickets

          The New Ticket is the focal point of the helpdesk.  This your direct line to the technology staff when it comes to problems you are having with computer related equipment in your location. 

          Once you are at the New Ticket Request screen, you should see 3 pull down boxes.  Location, Issue Type, and Blue Tag.  The Location field should automatically have the correct location for you.  You need to select an Issue Type and eventually, you will be required to include the "Blue Tag" from your computer.  The "Blue Tag" is the Dyer County Inventory Sticker located either on the top or on the side of your computer.  Below these three options, you will see a large white textbox that says "Add your Message here."  This is the field that you will fill out that describes your problem.  We need you to add as much information as you possibly can so that we can be better prepared to correct the problem when we get to your location.

          After all this information is complete, click the Submit button to send your ticket to the technology department.  Three e-mails are generated when you submit your ticket.  One to you, one to each member of technology, and one to a ticket archive.  We keep this archive just incase a ticket gets deleted by mistake.

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New Ticket Thumb


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